Private Label

You can find the quality of Gandola behind lots of well-renowned commercial and industrial-related brands.
We work together with prestigious trademarks in the large-scale retail trade and with important food companies in Italy and abroad.

Gandola is highly appreciated for its unique distinctiveness: a wide production capacity combined with a full system commercial and organizational flexibility with customized recipes for every need.

Moreover, Gandola is apt to an accurate control of the raw materials used and of the production process. All expert staff members are constantly ready to adapt the client companies’ requests in order to help them reach their targets.

The product arrays for Private Labels include spreadable creams, snacks, butter shortbread cookies and sponge fingers.

They are aimed at all kinds of food companies, from discount businesses to haute patisserie; from organic to sports, low-calorie or healthy products.


  • Spreadable Creams: cocoa and hazelnut, milk chocolate or two-tone varieties. We can provide highly customized recipes to satisfy every kind of clientele, from discount business to haute patisserie.
  • We provide a wide array of creams for confectionery, ice-cream and bakery. Our recipe consists in using special fats (strictly NON-hydrogenated), that guarantee that the product remains fluid and firm even under heat changes.
  • Cocoa cream is available with a 2%, 8% or 13% hazelnut amount. Among the products, you will also find a type of cream to garnish ice- cream in cocoa, hazelnut and white chocolate editions.
  • Our latest product: pistachio cream.
  • For food businesses, Gandola is always willing to adapt its creams to customized recipes.


Biscuits / Cookies

  • Our main products are butter shortbread cookies and sponge fingers. The latter are biscuits that have been produced in the traditional way for years; whereas for the former, we have explored various and diverse productive editions demanding a lot from our partners and machinery.
  • The experience and eagerness of the technical department, the use of cutting edge and uncommon raw materials in our sector have enabled us to achieve targets, sometimes very ambitious, from our clients in terms of specific product functionality, nutritional values, market ranking and, obviously, taste and delicacy.
  • Our shortbread cookies are available in the following packs:
    • Square bottom bags (200g to 800g) in three different sizes
    • In tube (250g single flow packs, 500g double flow packs)
    • Single portion pack (2-3-4 and 6 biscuits) in: tube or flow pack tray
  • Furthermore, supplying the industry, we can provide loose cookies (for instance for industrial confectionery) or biscuits in cardboard boxes, properly staked (ice-cream industry).
  • Sponge fingers are available in the traditional tray size of 200g or in a 400g pack.


Semi-finished products

  • Our dark chocolate drops have 12000/kg unit weight and contain 25-26% of cocoa butter. In the same chocolate drop edition, we can also provide substitutes. Cardboard boxes with 2 bags of 6 kg each.
  • Dark chocolate discs contain 30-32% or 36-38% of cocoa butter; white chocolate discs contain 33-35%. We can also provide white and cocoa disc substitutes.


  • In 60g “tank” (milk) chocolate bar
  • 500g dark chocolate block
  • Chocolate drops, also in different sizes, even for retail and domestic consumption in 250g bags
  • Our 500g dark chocolate block is also available in our semi-finished product array for handmade and industrial confectionery.



  • Snacks: we produce three varieties of excellent snacks, especially ideal for private labels for their customization in taste and formula, but also in packaging. Our snacks are available single, family-size or for display-unit.
  • Chocolate + Cookie
    • Chocolate can be milk or dark
    • Cookies are produced here in Gandola in accordance with the client’s requirements
    • Each single pack contains two servings; the family-size pack has 4 to 5 single units; the display unit product has 24 portions.
  • Chocolate, milk and cereals
    • It is a tasty and nourishing chocolate-coated snack with milk and crunchy cereals
    • In 30g single packs, 4-piece family-size packs or 60-piece display unit editions.
  • Cream + Breadsticks
    • In practical, take-along packs for every moment of the day
    • Cream can be customized in accordance with the client’s requirements
    • Breadsticks can be palm-oil free upon request
    • 35g single pack, available in 3-piece family-size pack, 24-piece display unit or 100-piece loose cardboard box


Pack formats

Our creams can be poured into different kinds of containers:

  • GLASS – in 200 g glasses (in two diverse and classy versions), in the traditional 350g or 400g jar, in the 750g family-size jar or in the new 500g beer glass (a PET jar can also be used upon request).
  • SINGLE PORTION PACKS – Gandola is leader in the Horeca and catering market, providing single-portion trays of 18 to 25g weight.
  • BUCKETS – for confectionery and patisserie industries, we provide a series of buckets: 3, 12 and 20 kg. We can also provide 13 kg drums or industrial tanks upon request.


Guarantee Certifications

Quality System and ISO 9001

Gandola’s main mission is aimed at providing the client’s full satisfaction. Therefore, we focus on the quality and food safety of our products, on the environment protection and respect, on the market correct ethical behavior, fundamental for contemporary businesses.


Biologico Gandola has been recognized as a certified trademark for organic productions since 1998. Concerning Private Labels, we can provide all our products, from spreadable creams and snacks to cookies and shortbread biscuits, thanks to our unique ability of product customization


fairtrade We are Fairtrade licensees and, as a result of our raw material supply chain knowledge and of our ability in innovating ingredients, we are able to provide a wide array of products, from spreadable creams and snacks to shortbread cookies for fair trade market.